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15 Best Cafes and Coffee Shops in Jacksonville, FL (By a Local)


If you’re looking for the best cafes and coffee shops in Jacksonville, FL, look no further. Most people might think of Seattle or Portland when they think of a city with great coffee shops and cafes. However, you’d be doing yourself a disservice if you dismissed the coffee shops or bistros in Jacksonville, Florida.

I grew up in Oregon, so I’m no stranger to good coffee and a tasty pastry. I was pleasantly surprised to find some unique coffee shops in Jacksonville, FL. Within this post, I’ll share some of my favorite finds that I’ve discovered over the past year that I’ve lived here.

Best Cafes and Coffee Shops in Jacksonville, Florida

I’ve been in the Bold City now for over a year, after spending the past five years visiting the area. And as a coffee addict, stopping into cafes and coffee shops is a part of my normal routine. After exploring coffee shops around Jacksonville, I found that these establishments had the most delicious coffee, the best service and environments, and delicious food.

If you’re ever in the area and are looking for a great spot to rest with some refreshments, these are my top suggestions for awesome Jacksonville cafes and coffee shops:

1. Bold Bean Coffee Roasters – Best Overall

No question, hands down, Bold Bean Coffee Roasters is the best coffee shop in Jacksonville. As I mentioned earlier, I’m a bit of a coffee addict, which, in turn, makes me a bit of a coffee snob. Well, let me tell you that these coffee roasters have it down to a T.

With two awesome locations, it’s the perfect spot to post up with your laptop by a window and sip on a perfectly-crafted, Instagram-worthy latte. Their coffee is all sustainably grown as well, which is a feel-good perk.

If you happen to pop in later in the day, you’ll be pleased to know that they also serve craft beer from local breweries like Aardwold and Intuition. They also have rotating snacks, treats, and small meals.

Bold Bean Coffee Roasters Information

Address: 869 Stockton St, Jacksonville, FL 32204 & 2400 3rd St S, Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250
Phone: +19047387670 & +19043729179
Operating Hours: 6:30 am-6 pm, Mon-Fri and 7 am-6 pm Sat & Sun
Must-Try Items: Spiced chai, vanilla oat milk latte, ricotta toast
Average Cost: $2-$5 per latte, $7-$9 per main, $2-$5 for pastries
Website: Bold Bean Coffee Roasters

2. Southern Grounds – Best for Working

Cup of ayurvedic drink golden milk turmeric latte with curcuma powder on a round wooden tray and ingredients above over black texture background

Southern Grounds is a growing local coffee shop in Jacksonville, and it’s quickly making its name as one of the city’s favorite caffeine-fueled stops. Their coffee is top-notch, and their comfortable environment makes it one of the best cafes to work from in Jacksonville, FL.

Feel free to sit inside or outside at one of the three convenient locations and enjoy a traditional espresso drink or one of their specialty drinks like a frozen caramel latte or iced turmeric latte.

The tables are spacious, so there’s plenty of room for your laptop and a plate if you want to grab a bite to eat from their impressive menu. Menu options include croissant breakfast sandwiches, avocado toast, bowls, burgers, quesadillas, and more. They also have beer and wine options.

Southern Grounds Information

Address: Multiple Locations
Phone: Multiple Locations
Operating Hours: 6:30 am-9 pm Every day
Must-Try Items: Iced turmeric latte, matcha latte, turkey apple & brie sandwich
Average Cost: $4-$6 per latte, $7-$13 per main, $3-$5 for pastries
Website: Southern Grounds

3. Urban Grind Coffee Company – Best Outdoor Area

Cold brew or Nitro Coffee drink in the glass with bubble foam

The amazing weather is one of the many reasons Florida is so great. So, of course, you’ll naturally want to visit a coffee shop with a cool outdoor area. Although it’s not the biggest patio, the outdoor space at Urban Grind Coffee Company is adorable.

There are a few tables outside the main entrance, as well as on a side patio. It has a modern but relaxed vibe that’s perfect for working, reading a book, or just people-watching (my favorite hobby).

They have all of your favorite coffee drinks with rotating seasonal drinks. For food, their menu boasts a variety of breakfast casseroles, bagels, biscuits, sandwiches, and pastries.

Urban Grind Coffee Company Information

Address: 45 W Bay St, Jacksonville, FL 32202
Phone: +19045167799
Operating Hours: 7 am-3:30 pm Mon-Thurs, 7 am-4 pm Friday, 8 am-3 pm Saturday & Sunday
Must-Try Items: Soy chai latte, nitro cold brew, Everything Bagel Casserole
Average Cost: $4-$6 per latte, $6-$10 per main, $3 for pastries
Website: Urban Grind Coffee Company

4. 1748 Bakehouse – Best Coffee Shop & Bakery

Jacksonville chocolate croissant

Baked goods and coffee go hand in hand; it’s just common knowledge. Of course, most coffee shops and cafes in Jacksonville have pastries, but 1748 Bakehouse takes things to the next level.

Some of their mouthwatering specialties include blueberry orange cream muffins, chocolate croissants, and blackberry galettes. They also have yummy sandwiches made with fresh bread if you’re after something more substantial.

Their baked goods and food aren’t the only fantastic things going on at this bakery; their coffee is phenomenal, too. Keep an eye out for their creative daily specials.

1748 Bakehouse Information

Address: 1748 N Main St, Jacksonville, FL 32206
Phone: +19043742541
Operating Hours: 8 am-3 pm Tues-Sun (Closed Monday)
Must-Try Items: Golden Milk latte, Butterfly Pea tea latte, blueberry orange cream muffins
Average Cost: $3-$5 per latte, $7-$15 per main, $2-$4 for pastries
Website: 1748 Bakehouse

5. 9 Bars Coffee – Best Coffee Truck

coffee truck jacksonville

I’m always impressed by traveling coffee trucks that pull off delicious drinks from wherever they park. 9 Bars Coffee Coffee is one of those impressive trucks, and I get so excited every time I see them at a festival or event. Thankfully, they’re typically stationary too.

Their espresso is bold and rich, and they also create some of their own unique and tasty drinks. I honestly just love having a double shot of espresso or a simple latte. The coffee speaks for itself.

9 Bars also whips up some delicious smoothies and shakes. It’s an all-around great coffee truck; I highly recommend you pay a visit.

9 Bars Coffee Coffee Information

Address: Various locations
Phone: +19042221171
Operating Hours: Varies
Must-Try Items: Any basic espresso drink
Average Cost: $3-$6 per latte
Website: 9 Bars Coffee

6. Round Bird Coffee Shop – Best Coffee Shop at the Beach

Pink Beetroot Latte or Red Velvet Latte in a glass or cup and a spoon on the background.

When you’re at the beach and need a little pick me up or bite to eat, you’ll be thanking me when you stop into Round Bird Coffee Shop. Located in Jacksonville Beach, this coffee shop (and wine bar!) is super cozy and has a South African touch.

All of their espresso-based drinks are made to perfection, and they also have an incredible Rooibos tea menu featuring red lattes, red cortados, and other unique beverages. This type of tea is only grown in a certain region of South Africa, so it’s not something you’ll find in many places.

Before you head to the beach, stock up on treats and snacks like their homemade pretzel bites, meat pies, pastries, and waffles.

Round Bird Coffee Information

Address: 1094 3rd St N, Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250
Phone: +19047467993
Operating Hours: 7 am-5 pm, Mon-Sat and 8 am-4 pm Sunday
Must-Try Items: Red latte, Americano, steak and mushroom meat pie
Average Cost: $3-$6 per latte, $6-$10 per main, $2-$4 for pastries
Website: Round Bird Coffee

7. Ground Level Jax – Best Coffee Shop in Downtown Jacksonville

laptop and coffee jacksonville cafe

One of the cutest coffee shops in downtown Jacksonville is Ground Level. It’s charming, centrally located, and they offer all the coffee drinks you could want. It’s also a great spot to open up your laptop and get through some work.

From drip coffee to macchiatos, you can order your favorite drink and feel confident that it will be made to perfection. They also make their own syrups that are a must-try – I love the cardamom and rose water and their homemade chocolate syrup.

For food options, their menu includes items like bagels, avocado toast, parfaits, and more.

Ground Level Information

Address: 50 N Laura St SUITE 00L1, Jacksonville, FL 32202
Phone: N/A
Operating Hours: 7 am-3 pm Mon-Fri, Close Saturday & Sunday
Must-Try Items: Cardamom and rose water latte, mocha, za’atar bread
Average Cost: $3-$4 per latte, $4-$11 per main, $2-$3 for pastries
Website: Ground Level

8. Bitty & Beau’s Coffee – Best Coffee Shop With a Cause

A cup of white chocolate mocha coffee with whipped cream and white chocolate shavings sprinkled over the top.

It always feels good to support a coffee shop that stands behind an incredible mission. Bitty & Beau’s mission is to employ those with developmental and intellectual disabilities, and you can pay the incredible staff a visit in the San Marco neighborhood.

Their menu features all of your usual coffee shop favorites, all of which are made with care and love. The upbeat coffee shop is so fun because you can just feel the value, acceptance, and inclusion within the space.

They also have pastries and snacks if you’re feeling a little peckish.

Bitty & Beau’s Information

Address: 1965 San Marco Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32207
Phone: +19046836083
Operating Hours: 7 am-4 pm Mon-Fri and 8 am-4 pm
Must-Try Items: Blended iced brown sugar latte, white chocolate mocha, blueberry muffin
Average Cost: $3-$5 per latte, $2-$4 for pastries
Website: Bitty & Beau’s

9. Vagabond – Best Family-Friendly Coffee Shop

Honey latte in a glass cup and a wood spoon on the side.

Vagabond recently opened a brick-and-mortar store in the Murray Hill area after selling coffee from a camper for years. This small coffee shop is a great spot to take the kiddos when you need a caffeine fix.

Their flavorful coffee is roasted in-house, and they also offer plenty of perfectly baked pastries and other goodies. They have several board games available and other toys for the little ones to keep them occupied. High chairs are available as well.

Keep an eye out for Vagabond coffee at Good Dough Bakery (and donuts from Good Dough Bakery at Vagabond).

Vagabond Coffee Information

Address: 934 Edgewood Ave S, Jacksonville, FL 32205
Phone: +19043291672
Operating Hours: 7 am-8 pm Mon-Sat and 8 am-8 pm Sunday
Must-Try Items: Honey latte, ube latte, homemade pop tart
Average Cost: $3-$6 per latte, $3-$5 for pastries
Website: Vagabond Coffee

10. Le Petit Paris Cafe – Best European-Style Cafe

espresso and croissant jacksonville cafe

Get whisked away to Paris for breakfast, brunch, or lunch at Le Petit Paris in Atlantic Beach, Mandarin, or Southside. It’s a place that holds a firm place at the top of my list whenever I want to impress guests with some French-style goodies.

They offer a wide selection of fresh French baked goods, quiche, baguettes, macarons, and gourmet salads. I love to pair a Nutella croissant with a double-shot cappuccino on a Sunday morning.

Le Petit Paris Information

Address: Various locations
Operating Hours: 8 am-5 pm, every day
Must-Try Items: Cappuccino, Nutella croissant, fresh macaron
Average Cost: $2-$4 per latte, $11-$15 per main, $2-$5 for desserts
Website: Le Petit Paris

11. Aroma Corner – Best Dog-Friendly Coffee Shop

Iced Latte Coffee in a glass with cold milk.

Out of all the dog-friendly cafes in Jacksonville, I love going to Aroma Corner in the Baymeadows and Jax Beach areas. I particularly like it because it’s not your average coffee shop, and they offer unique, super tasty Vietnamese selections. Perhaps one of my favorite things about this place, however, is that you can bring your pup!

There are tables near the entrance for you to sit and enjoy a Vietnamese coffee, boba tea, or smoothie. They also bake some of the most delectable Vietnamese pastries that you really can’t find anywhere else in the area.

Aroma Corner Information

Address: 5111 Baymeadows Rd #12, Jacksonville, FL 32217
Phone: +19047372622
Operating Hours: 11 am-7:30 pm, every day
Must-Try Items: Iced hazelnut latte, brown sugar wintermelon tea, sweet buttermilk crumble toast
Average Cost: $2-$5 per drink, $5-$6 per main, $3-$5 for pastries

12. Cool Moose Cafe – Best Cafe for Breakfast

Fancy eggs benedict with sun-dried tomatoes and spinach.

Sometimes pastries or a piece of quiche just isn’t quite going to cut it, and one of the best cafes in Jacksonville offering a full breakfast with great coffee is the Cool Moose Cafe. Just beware… the menu is massive, and everything is delicious.

After ordering your favorite coffee drink, it will be hard to decide what to have for breakfast or brunch at this moose-themed cafe. The huge menu selection features items like Irish Hash, breakfast sandwiches, waffles, benedicts, and lots, lots more.

I love this cafe because it’s located in the hip and walkable area of Avondale/Riverside, so you can easily enjoy a stroll after your meal.

Cool Moose Cafe Information

Address: 2708 Park St, Jacksonville, FL 32205
Phone: +19043814242
Operating Hours: 8 am-2 pm, Wed-Sun and Closed Monday & Tuesday
Must-Try Items: Breakfast quesadilla, Mexican benedict, French toast
Average Cost: $2-$4 per latte, $7-$16 per main
Website: Cool Moose Cafe

13. BREW Five Points – Cafe with the Best Atmosphere

Cup of matcha with latte art on wooden background. Beautiful foam and greenery ceramic cup.

The atmosphere can make or break a coffee shop or cafe, and thankfully, BREW Five Points has it nailed. This Instagram-worthy cafe is brightly decorated, yet not overwhelmingly. Its colorful minimalist vibes are very pleasing to the eye and make for an enjoyable atmosphere.

It tends to get a bit crowded, but, to me, that just adds to the buzz and energy of the place. In addition to high-quality coffee drinks, BREW also serves an awesome selection of local craft beer.

For food choices, they certainly don’t fall short. On the menu, you’ll find chorizo corn cakes, a Texas toast breakfast sandwich, brisket breakfast tacos, and more.

BREW Five Points Information

Address: 1024 Park St, Jacksonville, FL 32204
Phone: +19043745789
Operating Hours: 7:30 am-4:30 pm, every day
Must-Try Items: Sparkling matcha, cortado, brisket sandwich
Average Cost: $3-$6 per latte, $7-$13 per main, $3-$5 for desserts
Website: BREW Five Points

14. Chamblin’s Uptown – Best Coffee Shop for Book Lovers

book and coffee jacksonville cafe

Attention all book and coffee lovers, Chamblin’s Uptown is sure to be your favorite coffee shop and cafe in all of Jacksonville. They have excellent coffee and espresso drinks, delicious food, and, best of all, it’s also a two-story bookstore.

With an approximated 800,000 books in the store, you could seriously peruse the shelves all day long – it’s a good thing they have caffeine available. Serving perfectly crafted lattes, cappuccinos, and mochas, it’s easy to spend an entire afternoon here.

If you’ve worked up an appetite wandering up and down the two impressive floors, the cafe also serves food. This spot serves up wraps, croissant sandwiches, wraps, bagel sandwiches, salads, and soups, so be sure to arrive hungry!

Chamblin’s Uptown Information

Address: 215 N Laura St, Jacksonville, FL 32202
Phone: +19046740868
Operating Hours: 8 am-5 pm, Mon-Fri, 9 am-4 pm Saturday & 12 pm-5 pm Sunday
Must-Try Items: Any standard espresso drink
Average Cost: $2-$4 per latte, $3-$9 per main, $3 for pastries
Website: Chamblin’s Uptown

15. Sippers Coffeehouse – Best Drive-Thru Coffee Shop

Mocha frappe in plastic cup. Served with whipping cream and chocolate sauce.

Drive-through coffee shops that aren’t Starbucks are hard to come by in Jacksonville. Thankfully, Sippers Coffeehouse allows you to enjoy your coffee inside or by simply driving on through.

Known for no-fuss coffee, breakfast, and baked goods, Sippers has also been reviewed for having some of the best service around. Every time I’ve visited, the staff has been extremely nice, both at the register and at the drive-through.

They always have insanely tasty seasonal specials, so you’ll always have something new to try. My fall favorite is their Sally’ S’Mores Mocha.

Sippers Coffeehouse Information

Address: 7643 Gate Pkwy N, Jacksonville, FL 32256
Phone: +19049280048
Operating Hours: 6:30 am-7 pm, Mon-Fri and 7 am-7 pm Saturday, closed Sunday
Must-Try Items: Caramel or chocolate affogato, Salle’S’Mores Mocha, snickerdoodle cookie
Average Cost: $3-$6 per latte
Website: Sippers Coffeehouse

Jacksonville, Florida Cafes and Coffee Shops FAQs

Below, you’ll find answers to popular and common questions that I’ve heard about cafes and coffee shops in Jacksonville. Happy sipping!

What are the best cafes in Jacksonville, Florida?

The best cafes in Jacksonville, FL, in my opinion, are Bold Bean Coffee Roasters, Southern Grounds, and Cool Moose Cafe.

Do you tip in Jacksonville, Florida?

Yes, it is customary to tip in Jacksonville, FL. It’s always a good idea to double-check your receipt to make sure a service charge of any kind hasn’t already been included.

What neighborhood has the best cafes in Jacksonville, Florida?

The neighborhood with the best cafes in Jacksonville, FL, is either the Avondale/Riverside area or Jacksonville Beach.

Does Jacksonville, Florida have good coffee?

Yes! Jacksonville, FL, has good coffee. Bold City has fantastic coffee spots!

How much is an average coffee in Jacksonville, Florida?

The average cup of coffee in Jacksonville, FL is $2-$3 while a specialty latte or cappuccino can range from $4-$6.

Is coffee popular in Jacksonville, Florida?

Yes! Coffee is a very popular beverage in Jacksonville, FL. Of course, iced drinks are preferred, thanks to the sunshine the state receives.

To Summarize

Cold brews, French presses, and frappes, the coffee shops in Jacksonville, FL, have every kind of caffeinated beverage you could fancy. Each unique and different neighborhood in the city has a cafe offering something delicious.

So, take a drive through Sippers, have breakfast at Cool Moose Cafe, or try an adventurous drink at Round Bird. No matter your coffee shop stop, your taste buds will thank you.


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