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Earn airline miles on your Airbnb and Vrbo stays


Vacation rentals appeal to many travelers, ranging from families who want more space and people on extended vacations to those who want a more local experience.

One downside of booking lodging through a program like Airbnb or Vrbo instead of a hotel loyalty program is that you won’t earn hotel points on your stay.

However, you can earn airline miles from a handful of programs (and even Bonvoy points) if you book through the right site.

Earning miles on vacation rentals


Similar to how you can earn bonus points, miles or cash-back rewards when you click through an online shopping portal and then make an eligible purchase, you can earn miles on Airbnb and Vrbo bookings via several airline loyalty programs:

  • ANA Mileage Club miles: Earn 1 mile for every 200 yen ($1.36) spent on Airbnb accommodation. First-time Airbnb users will get a 3,000 yen (about $20) coupon for Airbnb accommodation and earn 2 miles for every 200 yen ($1.36) spent on housing. Click here to earn ANA miles.
  • British Airways Avios: Earn 3 Avios per $1 spent on Airbnb accommodations and experiences. Click here to earn Avios.
  • Delta SkyMiles: Earn 1 mile for every $1 spent with Airbnb on qualifying stays. Click here to earn SkyMiles.
  • Qantas points: Earn 1 mile for every AU $1 ($0.67) spent with Airbnb on qualifying stays. First-time Airbnb users will earn 500 bonus Qantas points on their first booking. Click here to earn Qantas points.
  • United MileagePlus miles: Earn 3 miles for every $1 spent with Vrbo on vacation rentals. Click here to earn United miles.

So, consider clicking through one of these portals before booking your next vacation rental. The first-time booking offers from some programs are appealing. But, even if you have used Airbnb (or Vrbo, in the case of United) before, you’d get a 1.2% return if you earn Delta miles, a 4.5% return if you earn British Airways Avios and a 4.35% return if you earn United miles based on TPG valuations.

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Unlike when you might choose to earn airline miles on hotel stays, you’re not giving up anything by clicking through one of the above sites before booking. But, note that you might not earn airline miles on taxes and fees associated with your booking. In some cases, such as if you want to earn Qantas points, you’ll only earn points if the name on the Airbnb account matches the name on the airline loyalty account.

Finally, especially if you’re booking through Vrbo, it may be worth checking a shopping portal aggregator like Cashback Monitor to see if there’s a better-earning portal you should use instead.

Earning hotel points on vacation rentals

As well as its vast portfolio of hotel brands, Marriott offers Homes & Villas by Marriott Bonvoy, with professionally managed luxury homes worldwide. While each property is unique (and more memorable than your average chain hotel room), guests can expect brand standards like high-speed Wi-Fi, bathroom amenities, high levels of cleanliness and round-the-clock customer support.

Bonvoy members earn five Bonvoy points for each $1 spent on all qualifying charges incurred and paid through the Homes & Villas by Marriott Bonvoy platform.

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Bottom line

Just like using a shopping portal before making an online purchase, clicking through one of the airline sites before reserving an Airbnb or Vrbo is easy. Alternatively, you can give Marriott Homes & Villas a try if you are a fan of earning Bonvoy points.

Especially if you’re renting an expensive home or frequently rent through these sites, your earnings can quickly become significant — which is why it’s worth adding this extra step to your vacation rental booking process.


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