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Viking Explorer Society cruise loyalty program guide: Everything you need to know

Does Viking Cruises have a loyalty program? Yes, but it’s not like most other cruise line loyalty programs.

Dubbed the Viking Explorer Society, the Viking cruise loyalty program isn’t a loyalty program in the traditional sense — one where passengers earn points every time they travel with the brand and progress through multiple tiers that bring an ever-expanding array of perks.

Instead, the Viking cruise loyalty program offers just a few basic perks that are available to anyone who has taken at least one voyage with the line.

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The Viking Explorer Society loyalty program’s main perk is a travel credit of up to $200 that you can get every time you book a new Viking ocean, river or expedition cruise within two years of sailing with the line. Note that travel credits are different from onboard credits. You only can use a Viking Explorer Society credit to pay for a cruise, not for onboard spending.

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How does the Viking Explorer Society work?

Once you travel with Viking for the first time, you will automatically be enrolled in the Viking Explorer Society program and become a Viking Explorer Society member. As part of this society, you will receive:

  • A $200 per passenger travel credit any time you book a Viking voyage within one year of your last Viking voyage. If you reserve within two years, you receive a $100 credit. As noted above, the credit only can be used to pay for a trip with Viking.
  • An invitation to a members-only Viking Explorer Society cocktail party when sailing on Viking ships.
  • Early word by email or regular mail on new Viking Cruises itineraries and new ships, as well as special limited-time offers.

Note that the credits mentioned above are not always combinable with promotions the line offers.

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In addition to the above, Viking has a referral program that can get you additional travel credits. Once you are a Viking customer, you can use your customer number to refer an unlimited number of other people to Viking. If they book a trip with Viking within a year, both you and the person you refer will receive a $100 travel credit (that’s $200 if a couple that you refer book a cruise).

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If you manage to refer 13 people to Viking who take a first Viking cruise within one calendar year (an almost impossible task in our view, but more power to you if you can pull it off), you will get a much more lucrative perk: An entirely free cruise (valued up to $3,300).

Keep in mind that if the person you refer to Viking shares a cabin with you on her or his first cruise, you only will get the referral credit if you are already a Viking Explorer Society member.

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One more caveat: Any referral credit that you earn must be applied to a current or future booking within a year of its issuance date.

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